What's New For 2021

Your health and safety is of utmost importance to us and that is why we have made some changes to our event for 2021:

Grotto-only/private family visits: This year, all locations will be cabin-only private visits with Santa. As always, Santa will have special information about your children, give them an age-appropriate gift, and take a memorable photo that will last a lifetime!

Precise timeslots: In order to reduce wait times and prevent crowds, we have created more precise timeslots. Similar to previous events, check-in will be no more than 10-minutes before your timeslot. Therefore, punctuality is key to making this a Covid-safe event!

Special needs: Because of the changes we’ve made to our event for 2021, we do not have a specific autism friendly day because every day is autism friendly! As always, if your child has specific needs that may not be met at our event, please contact us ahead of time and remind the receptionist on the day so we can make your visit run as smoothly as possible!

Something for everyone: We understand you may prefer to stay home this Christmas, and that is why we are still offering a virtual Santa visit option as well as a personalised, pre-recorded video, letter, and nice list certificate, sent straight to your home! + Gift boxes

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