Cara Rose

Weʼre raising €€€ to support Cara Rose Demery who has PKS.


The beautiful Cara Rose was born in Cork on the 12th July 2019 but unfortunately she spent the first weeks of life in a critical care unit.
Cara has been diagnosed with an extremely rare condition called Pallister-Killian Syndrome (PKS)

Children with PKS present with a wide range of issues that include: developmental delay, motor dysfunction, language problems, learning difficulties and epilepsy.

It is too early to tell how her development will progress, so in order to help Cara live her best life and achieve all she can her family will need a lot of support.

The money raised will go towards extra physiotherapy, speech therapy, nursing care at home and equipment, allowing Cara to develop and learn in the best possible environment, achieve all her own milestones and be happy and healthy.

The Santa Experience is committed to helping them reach their goal of €25,000 and will also ensure beautiful little Cara Rose and her family have a great first visit to Santa!

Every little helps so if you can donate, any and all donations are welcome and greatly appreciated!

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