our magical reindeer food has been specifically created to help all the reindeers help santa deliver all his presents to the boys and girls around the world.

Magical Reindeer Food – Rudolf and the other reindeer get very hungry on their journey around the world and Santa has given us the secret recipe for their favourite food to leave out on Christmas Eve so Rudolf knows where your house is.

The Magical Reindeer food comes in a beautiful pyramid shaped box complete with ribbon to hang on your Christmas tree just like a Christmas bauble! This has been exclusively designed and produced for the Santa Experience!

The Santa Experience Reindeer Food is available to purchase at each of our three locations, The Jetland Centre, Limerick, Dunne Stores Kilnamanagh, Tallaght, Dublin 24 and Dunnes Stores (top floor), Patrick St., Cork

€3.00 each.

Be sure to hang the food on your tree until Christmas Eve and then sprinkle it outside just before bedtime!

Visit The Santa Experience Today!

Go on a interactive magic adventure beginning in The North Pole, through The Elves Post Office onto Santa’s Reindeer Stable and Sleigh Station and followed by a journey through the Arctic before arriving at Santa’s front door. An experience your family will cherish and never forget.

Santa talking to the elves.
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