The Santa Experience

Ho Ho Ho! Hello everyone!

Recently some of my elves have told me that not everyone knows what to expect in the Santa Experience!

The Santa Experience brings children and adults on a magical journey to meet Santa Claus and his Elves. You can book online to secure a time and date of your choice and also to avoid long queues!

The journey begins when you are introduced to your Elf who will be your guide. You enter through a magic hallway that leads to the elves post office, normally invisible to humans! Here you will see many letters arriving and being sorted by the elves. Letters come from all over the world and must be organised by country so that Santa knows exactly where to deliver each and every present to all the good boys and girls!

Next you will be brought through a hidden door and in to Santa’s Stable where you can meet some of Santa’s magical reindeers and maybe even Rudolf himself! The reindeer need their special food to help them fly. If you are lucky your elf may even let you feed the reindeer!

Next you will arrive in Santa’s Sleigh room. My sleigh needed some repairs and a coat of paint after last winter. We have also had a new GPS system and fog lights installed to help guide Santa on his way! If you have been a very good boy or girl you might even get to take a ride in Santa’s Sleigh!

Once you leave the Sleigh Room you will arrive outside in the cold and windy North Pole, right outside my house, Santa’s House! Here you will meet some of Santa’s best friends like Pingu the Penguin and Pashka the Polar Bear! They look after Santa’s House when he is flying all around the world!

Lastly you enter Santa’s House, which is a full wood log cabin in the North Pole! Once inside the warm and cosy house you will see me sitting by the fire waiting for you and your family

Run, jump and skip to Santa who has great big hugs for all the boys and girls.

I will then speak individually to all the children before giving them their presents and posing for some great fun family photos.

After leaving Santa’s House you will have the opportunity to view and purchase your Santa Experience photos which we guarantee to be of the highest quality!

Ho Ho Ho!


The Santa Experience