Ho Ho Ho Merrrrrrrry Summertime everyone!

I’m writing to you from my summer holidays in Antarctica at the bottom of Planet Earth! Antarctica is the southernmost continent on earth and home of the South Pole. It is larger than all of Europe and also larger than the planets largest island country, Australia! The weather down here is nice and cold just like at home in the North Pole. Mrs.Claus and I have been resting after last Christmas which was our busiest to date but we are looking forward to next Christmas already!

Since arriving we have met many wonderful old friends’ from the Animal Kingdom which I am sure you have heard of before. When flying in on our sleigh we saw a pod of Orcas powerfully and gracefully gliding through the water like silk, some Rockhopper penguins with their bright yellow mohawks, Annie the Antarctic fur seal and also Walter the Wandering Albatross who helped guide us in to land.

We also spotted my oldest friend the magnificent Borhol the Blue Whale, the largest creature to ever live. He can measure up to 100ft long and weigh 120 tons! No wonder he has to eat 4 tons of food each day! Ho Ho Ho!!

My Elves have reported to me that you are enjoying a wonderful summer in Ireland and I am glad to hear this. I hope you are playing outside with your friends and family making the most of the sunshine as I know it can be a rare thing in Ireland Ho Ho Ho!

Just remember to wear lots of sunscreen and be careful when swimming as you may not have friends like Annie the fur seal or Borhol the whale to help you when in deep water!

Next week Mr.Claus and I will have finished our holiday and Rudlolf, Donner, Blitzen and Comet will be collecting in my new and improved sleigh!

After we have returned to the North Pole we will begin preparation for Christmas 2013!

Ho Ho Ho!


The Santa Experience