Ho Ho Ho! Greetings boys and girls, mums, dads, aunties, grannies, EVERYONE!

I always love flying in over Ireland on Christmas Eve. Having just crossed the North Atlantic Ocean from Iceland the lights of Derry city are a welcome sight. If I have time I’ll swing by the Giant’s
Causeway before heading south to visit all the little girls and boys in Belfast. As there is so many
houses to visit in Belfast my reindeer tend to get a little thirsty, so on the way to the counties in
Connaught we swoop down to Lough Neagh, the largest lake in the British Isles, so my reindeers can
get a much needed drink from its fresh waters.

In Connaught the first town I come across is Sligo and from there I head south along the beautiful west coast. I always fly the sleigh low as I cross the Connemara national park which is such a beautiful landscape. Next it’s onto the musical Galway city where you can always hear the notes of beautiful traditional Irish music drifting up from the city. After Galway city I turn the sleigh west and head out over the dark Atlantic Ocean to the faint lights of the Aran Islands. After visiting the boys and girls on Inis Mór the sleigh heads south to visit all the houses in Clare where every year I love to fly by the fantastic cliffs of Moher and Kilkee. After swinging around Loop head I head to the lights of Limerick city on the river Shannon estuary. From here I head south to the beautiful counties of Cork and Kerry. I always wish I had more time to explore these fantastic landscapes but there are so many houses to visit I just have to appreciate them from the air. But I do love to listen to the Shandon bells toll as I fly over Cork city. Once I’ve visited all the boys and girls in Munster I head east to start the Leinster leg on my Irish route.

The first Leinster town we visit every year is Kilkenny where I always welcome the sight of Kilkenny castle as each year I set my sleigh down on its grounds to allow my reindeer to take a quick drink
from the River Nore. After they’re quick rest my reindeer are revitalised and so we always make
quick work of the rest of Leinster before skimming over the Wicklow Mountains and swooping down
into the capital city of Dublin. There are so many little boys and girls to visit in Dublin that me and
my reindeer have to work extra hard, especially as there are so many obstacles to avoid around this
fine city. I had to put in a request with Dublin city council for more lights to be placed on the Spire as
we almost crashed into it when it was first erected. Once I’ve delivered all the presents to the little
boys and girls in Dublin my Irish route is complete. I then head out over beautiful Dublin bay and
onto the UK.

For those of you who have not visited the Santa Experience these photos will give you a great idea of the quality and authenticity of the Santa Experience. You will also see regular updates from Santa, my Elves, Rudolf and even Mrs Claus throughout the year so be sure to check back in with us.

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Ho Ho Hope to see you for Christmas 2013!

I look forward to visiting Ireland every year as its breathtaking landscape is one of my favourite in the world!!


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